I provide translation services from English and French into Swedish, specializing in Science, Medicine and Business documents.

Why choose me?

  1. My linguistic skills:
    1. English: I am totally fluent in English, having used it professionally the last 15 years (including numerous presentations, project meetings, writing dissertation and scientific publications)
    2. French: I am equally fluent in French, having studied French at the University and living in France since 2009.
  2. I am a published researcher, with a long experience in academic research and in-depth knowledge of Life Science.
  3. I have experience from working with preclinical studies in the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. I have a certificate in Clinical Trials procedures and ICH-GCP guidelines.
  5. I have a certificate in Business Administration and Public Health.

My small business provides solutions of high quality, customized to your needs. My language skills and my scientific knowledge will help your business succeed with its international communication. My background in scientific research and pharmaceutical industry, combined with my linguistic skills, will provide you with high quality texts, properly fitted to your target audience.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, if you want to discuss your project or if you would like to get a quote.